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Posted February 16, 2011

Forest Practices Board Report - BC's Ancient Forests Need More Protection

Shaw Daily News, February 16, 2011

(direct link to video: )

In response to a complaint filed about ancient redcedars up to 16ft in diameter being logged near Port Renfrew, BC, the Forest Practices Board, a third party government-appointed watchdog, has concluded that there is 'strong public interest' in seeing giant trees and unique stands of old-growth forest protected and that the BC government has the tools to do so.

The report also states in regards to the endangered Avatar Grove (see photo gallery here: 75% of which is open for logging (25% is protected within Old-Growth Management Areas or "OGMA's"), that "current options to protect the unprotected part of the area include creation of a new park or other reserve, or expansion of the existing OGMAs" and that "If further protection is warranted for Avatar Grove, government has available policy and procedures to guide potential amendment of its land-use objective" to protect the area.



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