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Posted November 3, 2011

Til the Last Tree

Til the Last Tree

November 3, 2011

Til the Last Tree
Jaime Hall and Nigel Jackett

To make a pledge of any amount to Hall and Jackett's ride to benefit the Ancient Forest Alliance, please go to:

Two cyclists on a cross-Canada bicycle trip to raise funds and awareness to protect BC’s old-growth forests are now nearing completion of their meandering, 11,000 kilometer cycling and bird-watching journey - almost 6 months after commencing their tour that they’ve dubbed “‘til the last tree” (see ).Musician Jaime Hall and wildlife biologist Nigel Jackett began their tour from Newfoundland in May, taking sponsorship pledges for the Victoria-based environmental organization, the Ancient Forest Alliance (,as they’ve progressed. The couple, now in BC, are due to arrive in Victoria around November 10.

Pledges are based on the number of bird species spotted by Jackett and Hall, and the couple have now seen more than 300 species. Individuals can also make a donation to down load Hall’s songs or simply make a straight donation to the Ancient Forest Alliance. They have now raised almost $4000 in donations and sponsorship pledges for the Ancient Forest Alliance, which so far has run on a budget of about $45,000 in 2011.

“What a phenomenal experience it has been to see the diversity of my own country with the detail that comes from traveling by bicycle. We’re glad to have had the opportunity to undertake such an epic journey, and to raise funds and awareness for a cause we truly believe in,” stated Jaime Hall. “As it turns out, cycling the distance of one and a half times Canada’s length has also got us into the best shape of our lives!”

“I’m amazed at the diversity of ecosystems in Canada –from the Carolinian deciduous forests of southern Ontario to the prairie grass lands of southern Saskatchewan to the temperate rainforests of British Columbia. I’m thrilled that such a great experience will contribute to the protection of Canada’s natural heritage and biodiversity,” stated Nigel Jackett.

Jaime Hall grew up in the Okanagan, was trained as a classical pianist, and is a song-writer and musician with a passion for nature and conservation. Nigel Jackett is an Australian-born biologist who worked for the BC government surveying for species-at-risk in 2007 and 2008.

Highlights of their trip have included:

- Newfoundland. The people are friendly and the starkly beautiful landscapes are unique in Canada

- Secretly camping in a Toronto waterfront park, and going unnoticed.

- Experiencing the spectacle of spring and fall bird migration.

- An 82 year-old retired coastguard taking them in his boat to look for puffins off the southern tip of Nova Scotia.

- Communicating, or rather trying to communicate, in their broken French in Quebec and New Brunswick: “Nous traverson le Canada en bicyk!”

- Arriving at the gates to BC: the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta!!

The Ancient Forest Alliance is a new, Victoria-based non-profit environmental organization working for the protection of BC’s old-growth forests, to ensure the sustainable logging of second-growth forests, and to end the export of raw, unprocessed logs from BC to foreign mills. The organization was founded in January, 2010, and works within the law through rallies, hiking trips, slideshows, photography, letter-writing campaigns, petition drives, and media campaigns to inform and mobilize citizens to push the BC government to protect ancient forests and BC forestry jobs. See the organization’s photo gallery of Canada’s largest trees and stumps at:

“We’re most grateful to Hall and Jackett for their great support in promoting our cause. As a new organization with very limited funds, the completion of their tour will greatly bolster our organization at a critical time,” stated Ken Wu, Ancient Forest Alliance co-founder. “We’re looking forward to celebrate their arrival after 6 months!”

To make a pledge of any amount to Hall and Jackett's ride to benefit the Ancient Forest Alliance, please go to:

The Ancient Forest Alliance will host a welcoming event and slideshow on Monday, November 14 by Hall and Jackett where they will present photos of the highlights of their tour from 7:00-8:30 pm at the Garry Oak Room in the Fairfield Community Center at 1335 Thurlow Road by Moss St.

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