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Posted January 19, 2012

Salt Spring Island a 'model' for Cortes Island advocates to prevent logging of pristine B.C. forests.

AFA's Ken Wu speaks on video about solutions to the proposed logging on Cortes Island.

Vancouver Observer, January 14, 2012

Direct link to video:   

As deadline looms for Island Timberlands to begin logging on Cortes Island, advocates are hoping for a re-enactment of an earlier success story to protect the area's pristine forests.   

“If Salt Spring Island is a model of what can happen, Island Timberlands needs to sell the land at the appraised value, not at an inflated value of the land that locals want to see make sure that if there's logging, it's in line with community values.”  

Ken Wu, co-founder of the Victoria-based Ancient Forest Alliance, said if Cortes Island can generate enough public pressure, it may be able to repeat the events of 2001, when environmental advocates on Salt Spring Island pushed Texada Land Corporation to sell part of their land and save sensitive areas from logging. 

Wu said he was "impressed by the tenacity of people on Cortes Island," who have just submitted a petition with over 6,200 names to Island Timberlands to work towards more sustainable logging on the island. 

Direct link to Vancouver Observer article:

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