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Posted March 10, 2012

Tree Huggers Ball Dance Party at UVic! (Saturday, Mar. 10th)

100% of the proceeds going to the Ancient Forest Alliance!

March 6, 2012

Tree Huggers Ball Dance Party at UVic! (Saturday, Mar. 10th)
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A shot from the 2011 Tree Huggers Ball!
Photo by TJ Watt

The 2012 Tree Huggers Ball - Dance Party Extravaganza is here! This is going to be another huge night of live music, DJ's, dance-offs, limbo contests, prizes and as always, a great crew of folks! Come dressed in any forest themed attire you desire!

DATE: Saturday, March. 10th
TIME: 8pm - 1am
LOCATION: Felicita's Pub @ UVic
TICKETS: $10 @ the UVSS booth in the SUB and at the door!

MUSIC FROM: The Stowaways! Compassion Gorilla! Benny The Jett! 5AM!


Through the last 2 events the UVic club has raised over $11,000 for the AFA making it nearly the largest contributor to the organization so far! So bring out your friends and get ready for an awesome time!



Known for inciting dance parties in the street, where circus monkeys hang from streetlights and grizzly bears do cartwheels over cars, Compassion Gorilla takes the pulse and groove of an electronic dance party, and delivers it in an entirely live format. This 8-piece troupe of musical magicians packs a full-on festival presence and enwraps the audience in a spell of dance, magic and melody.


If you feel like dancing, it's The Stowaways prerogative: ripping fiddle tunes, mixed with high energy driving originals were the right medicine to get Raffi in the middle of the dance floor on Saltspring Island.


| Connecting Circles | Victoria BC |

5am's love for music has been with him since day 1. Growing up around live bands, his interest for electronica has spawned within the last 5 years. Influences like Pink Floyd and Tool quickly transformed into Lighta!, DJG, and Headhunter aka. Addison Groove to name a few. Recently, focusing on the aspects of production, 5am is creating his own sound, merging a unique blend of wonky, funky house and dubstep to make you move in ways you never thought possible. Opening for such international headliners such as Mimosa, you know this boy isn't messin' around.

| Victoria Dubstep | Hundy Thou | Party People Sound Solutions |

Emerging from the mists of the past and depths of the local trailer park Benny The Jett has been rocking since the stone age.... or at least the last millennium. Hear the unmistakable ROAR and witness the awesome spectacle of this mighty and ferocious turntablist that will shake you to the very foundations.












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