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Posted March 20, 2013

Ancient Forest Awareness Blitz: This Saturday in Vancouver-Point-Grey (Premier Christy Clark's Riding)

If you care about the fate of BCs endangered old-growth forests and support sustainable forestry jobs, THIS IS THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN DO!

March 20, 2013

Upper Walbran Clearcut
Ancient Forest Awareness Blitz: This Saturday in Vancouver-Point-Grey (Premier Christy Clark's Riding)
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TJ Watt

Come on out this Saturday, March 23rd to Calhoun's Bakery, 3035 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC.

10:30 am - Meet fellow volunteers over a coffee and have a briefing on the issues and on what to do. Meet at Calhoun’s at 3035 West Broadway in Kitsilano, Vancouver

11:00 am -1:30 pm - Pair up and go Delivering Leaflets/ Door Canvassing/ Street Canvassing depending on individual preferences. Students and non-students all welcome!

Check out the Facebook page for this event at:

Join a team of environmentally-minded volunteers organized by the Ancient Forest Alliance and the UBC Ancient Forest Committee for a massive “info blitz” in Premier Christy Clark’s riding of Vancouver–Point Grey to help save ancient forests and ensure sustainable forestry jobs. 


Read more about this volunteer gathering below or on the Facebook event page: 

With only 2 months left before a provincial election in mid-May, BC’s politicians are highly sensitive to public opinion and pressure. NOW is the best time to get new environmental policy commitments from both the BC Liberal government and the NDP opposition who will likely form the next government.

We will first meet to introduce ourselves to each other, learn the key facts about old-growth forests and BC forest policy, and then learn about how to engage people in the riding by canvassing (or which streets to simply drop off leaflets into mailboxes, if you are more shy).

Once each person is clear and comfortable with what to do, we will then fan out across the riding in pairs to deliver leaflets and/or canvass residents door to door or on the streets (depending on each individual’s comfort level), informing thousands of local residents about the BC Liberal government’s (ie. Premier Christy Clark, in this riding) and the NDP opposition’s (represented by candidate David Eby in this riding) current position on old-growth logging and sustainable forestry.

Our main goals will be to raise large-scale awareness, to gather petition signatures, and to get as many local residents to write and phone Christy Clark and David Eby to save ancient forests and to end raw log exports.

With a group of two dozen volunteers we will be able to reach as many as 2000 households in a few hours!

BC’s old-growth forests are vital to sustain endangered species, the climate, tourism, clean water, wild salmon, and many First Nations cultures. Over 80% of the ancient forests in southern BC have been logged, while BC’s forestry jobs are being shipped off as raw logs to foreign mills. Read more info and sign the petition at See spectacular photos of our ancient forests at:

So far the BC Liberal government has been defending continued large-scale old-growth logging and raw log exports from the province, often citing highly misleading statistics to convey the false message that old-growth forests are not endangered. They must quickly veer away from promoting the destructive status quo, lest they are tarred with a legacy as the anti-environmental despoilers of Beautiful BC.

The NDP opposition has so far stayed silent on a previous commitment by leader Adrian Dix in 2011 during his bid to become party leader, where he stated that if elected, he would, “Develop a long term strategy for old growth forests in the Province, including protection of specific areas that are facing immediate logging plans”. They must be pushed to fulfill this promise and develop it further to include substantive details that will fundamentally alter the status quo of old-growth liquidation. See:

Thank you for taking a stand for our Ancient Forests and BC Jobs!

For more info contact Ken Wu or Hannah Carpendale at the Ancient Forest Alliance at or Cori, Parker, or Laura of the UBC Ancient Forest Committee at  

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