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Posted August 27, 2014

New PHOTO GALLERIES of Avatar Grove Boardwalk progress in 2014

August 27, 2014

The Ancient Forest Alliance and teams of dedicated volunteers have made some signigicant progress on the construction of the boardwalk at Avatar Grove this summer. A big thanks goes to those who've come out to help and to everyone who's donated towards the project!

See photos of July's work here 

See photos of August's work here

Some of the latest additions include a beautiful new sign post at the trailhead; a much-needed bridge over the creek in the Upper Grove; a big section of stairs and platforms leading up the slope to the Gnarly Tree; new sections of landscape steps; extended bridges and platforms; and many other things!

Help us reach our $12,000 fundraising goal to complete the boardwalk this year! 

$100 sponsors 1 metre of boardwalk and you will receive a thank you certificate with your name or a friend's name if it's a gift!

  1. Donate securely online:
  2. By phone: 250-896-4007
  3. By Mail: Victoria Main PO, Box 8459, Victoria, BC V8W 3S1, Canada

If you would like to help out, please send an email with your availability, any related experience or special skills, and physical limitations we should be aware of, to Avatar Boardwalk coordinator TJ Watt at: Volunteers must be able to follow instructions accurately, be in good physical condition to do the work, and act safely, responsibly and respectfully without exception. Activities may include carrying heavy boardwalk planks, bucketing gravel, using hand tools, digging soil, moving rocks, etc. as well as having fun!

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