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Protect British Columbia's Endangered Old-Growth Forests and Forestry Jobs Petition - Recent Signatures

Total Online Signatures: 18245

50 Most Recent Signatures:

Name City, Province/State Cntry Comments
Ryan PunambolamVancouver, BCCAN
Pat DawsonWinnipeg, ManitobaCANStop the cutting of old trees
Ken DawsonPort Alberni, British ColumbiaCANPlease stop cutting the ancient forest and find a way to log that is respectful and in harmony with nature. enough is enough now - they are almost all dead.
Manon DesbiensSainte-Luce, QuebecCAN
Jonathan WilmotCalgary, AlbertaCAN
Suzanne Gravelle Courtenay , BCCANIt is beyond time to save and replant vigorously!!! ZZthe degradation left by clear cut logging. Climate emergency is upon us!
Simon AllisonTofino, British ColumbiaCANThis is obviously a very important would think we had moved on from even discussing this by now and were just doing this...protecting our old growth forests!!
Robert NadeauSherbrooke, QCCAN
Rachael MootilalToronto, OntarioCAN
Samuel Dufault-RoyMontreal, QcCAN
John-Paul RobertoToronto, OntarioCAN
Mathieu HarveyLa Baie, QuebecCANLOVE IS THE ANSWER.
Sally SalterNanaimo, BcCAN
Erika FrieseDuncan , BCCAN
Frederic LeblancQuebec, QuebecCAN
Donna DoddsBlack Creek, British ColumbiaCANPlease save our forests..they are prime resource! Tourism should also play a role re our forests! Think of our future generatations! Thank you
Jean - philippe Canella Labastide-Marnhac , Occitanie FRA
Hillary GuzzoWinnipeg, Manitoba CANIt would be a crime not to save the old growth forests.
Willow Broughvancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIACAN
Kerry FelthamSeattle, WaUSAPlease protect the most important things we have, these forests! No more cutting old growth is the wisest thing we can do for our future and present. I love traveling to visit this place!
Kayela Tilstra Huntsville , OntarioCAN
Audrey NadeauPort Alberni, BCCANLet’s preserve the old growth! Let’s have diversity in the second growth!
Curtis ClaytonAmherstburg, OntarioCANMy wife & I visited Avatar Grove and Big Lonely Doug on our 40th wedding anniversary in April 2018. These magnificent old growth forests must be saved for future generations!
Dougas PhilipsVancouver, British ColumbiaCAN
Erik HjortOslo, OsloNOR
James WillisVictoria, BCCANPlease save our forests.
jerry cyrvancouver, b.c.CANsustainable forest practices please!!!!! Survival of the old growth reflects our capacity to realize the errors of our old narrative of resource extraction at any cost
Yandrik Leclerc-DesjardinsVancouver, BCCANThe ecosystems in Old Growth have been undisturbed for tens of thousands of years. Once lost, they cannot be replaced. Please consider the value of that which is irreplaceable, and which could continue to endure the centuries.
Pablo BobeCABA, NoneARG
Larry DionWilliamston , MichiganUSAGorgeous forest! absolutely stunning. what a shame it would be to see this special place disappear for good, as the old growth forests have all over the world.
Will BillanyLondon, UKGBR
Jason StanleyDelta, BCCANPlease stop the madness!
Donna and Ken BendleCowichan Bay., BCCANForestry and the BC Government are not listening. We have next to zero left of old growth forest and BC Govt. will not listen till it is too late and all gone. Beyond comprehension the destruction.
John PrenticeWhite Rock , BCCANSTOP logging OLD GROWTH and re-tool our mills to take second growth wood. STOP exporting jobs with selling RAW logs. Also our natural biodiversity must be protected. Unique in the world as a Coastal temperate Rain-forest...rare and unique in our world.
Johanna CardinalValleyfield, QuebecCANMoney lasts for a season but preservation lasts the lifetime of our planet. Please consider your motives as a government.
Kevin WebberVictoria, BCCAN
Beth AllanVictoria, BCCAN
Charley EdwardsHawarden, SaskatchewanCANOnly when man has cut the las tree, caught the last fish and shot the last deer will man know, you cannot eat money....Namaste'
Cheryl LeptichCarnduff , SkCAN
Brian LeptichCarnduff, SaskatcheanCAN
JoAnna FreemanCarnduff, Saskatchewan CANSave the ancient forests!
Brady LeptichCarnduff, SaskatchewanCANyou shouldn't be able to log ancient forests for money. The impact on the earth is not worth it for a company to get rich
Hunter WinnHolland, MIUSA
Cody GrahamVictoria, British ColumbiaCAN
Carol WilkinsChemainus, B.C.CANWe must stop commodifying our grandchildren's future. These wonderous old growth trees are testament to nature's capacity and this planet's sacred place in this solar system and perhaps the universe.
Ella WindsorCoquitlam , British Columbia CANProtect the old growth forests!!!!
Hunter HillVictoria, British ColumbiaCANThere is no feeling closer to the divine than what is felt when standing amidst the ancient groves of monumental trees.
Holly KrabbendamAldergrove, BCCAN
Gary Crockerjamul, caUSA

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